BVRLA "Please support electric company cars"

As part of an ambitious ten-point plan for a Green Industrial Revolution, the Government will bring forward the date at which sales of new petrol and diesel cars will end to 2030. EVs will play a crucial role in helping the UK to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2050. By 2035, all new cars and vans must be zero emission at the tailpipe and the Government has revealed its intention to install 300,000 public EV chargepoints by 2030 – equivalent to almost 5 times the number of fuel pumps on our roads today.

The Government has an important role to play in supporting the transition. That is why the plug-in car grant, which has so far supported the purchase of nearly half a million vehicles. Now, ministers are focusing the grant on the cleanest and most affordable zero emission models, providing grants of up to £1,500 for electric cars priced under £32,000.

Of course, infrastructure and production capacity must keep pace with EV sales, which is why the Government is investing £3.5 billion to support the automotive sector and consumers in the transition to zero emissions vehicles. This includes: £1 billion of Government investment to support the electrification of UK vehicles and their supply chains; £620 million for targeted electric vehicle grants and infrastructure; and £275 million to extend support for charge point installation at homes, workplaces and on-street locations.

So far, government funding, alongside private sector investment, has supported the installation of more than 29,600 public electric vehicle charging devices, of which over 5,400 are 'rapid'. The Government has also changed building regulations to require chargepoint infrastructure in new homes and non-residential buildings.

But there is much more to do.  I know that the Government will be taking forward other measures from its Taking Charge strategy in the coming months, including the new £450 million Local EV Infrastructure Fund which will support local authorities, working with industry, to deliver chargepoints for drivers without off-street parking. It  will also be reforming its Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme to focus on renters, leaseholders and those living in flats and expanding its workplace charging scheme.