End at Home Abortion

I completely understand what an incredibly emotive issue this is, and I appreciate the strength of feelings around this matter.

In normal circumstances for abortion, women are given the first pill and then have to travel home. This is often in difficult circumstances and women may be experiencing a lot of pain, accompanied by possible public abuse and scrutiny.  I am assured that during ‘at home’ abortion, women are monitored by a doctor over the phone. This provides me with some reassurance.

The Government’s three-month consultation on whether to make permanent the current temporary measure allowing for home use of both pills for early medical abortion up to ten weeks’ gestation has now closed. Ministers have told me they are carefully considering all the comments received, and plan to publish the response soon. You can find more information on this consultation here: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/home-use-of-both-pills-for-early-medical-abortion

I look forward to the results of the consultation.