My Plan

  • Jobs and investment

    In the past, Portsmouth depended too much on a narrow range of industries. We need to diversify our employment to provide jobs across a broader spectrum. This government has shown commitment with £774m securing the long-term future of the Dockyard, as well as other spending on local projects. I will continue to push for further investment and support for our local entrepreneurs. 

  • Improve standards in our schools

    My interest in education was what originally inspired me to get involved in politics. As a mother of four, and like any parent, I’ve devoted a lot of time to thinking about education and how our schools perform. I became an Ofsted inspector because I wanted to get involved, and now I’m a school governor at Milton Park Primary. Good teaching and leadership is crucial to the success of our schools. Good schools are key to the life chances of our young people. We are seeing a real turn-around in the performance of Portsmouth schools.

  • University places and apprenticeships

    I am pleased that many of our young people are applying to go to university. Historically, we had lower-than-average rates of university entry by 18 year-olds, but that picture is improving. However, many young people would prefer to take a vocational route, and I am pleased with the increase in apprenticeships through the city. We need to create more opportunities in high-tech industries and businesses as well as practical ones, but either way apprenticeships have a key role to play.

  • Our NHS is the finest in the world

    The independent Commonwealth Fund conducted an audit of the developed world’s healthcare systems last year, and our NHS was rated the finest of all of them. This government protected NHS budgets through the recovery from Labour’s recession, and will continue to grow the NHS as the economy improves. 

  • Champion of small businesses

    I set up a small business forum to enable our small businesses to have a voice and discuss the issues that are affecting them. We have some brilliant local entrepreneurs, and that culture is reviving our city in all sorts of ways. Walk around our streets now and you get a real sense of freshness and a “can-do” attitude. Our long-term economic plan has helped businesses survive challenging times, but now we are moving into a period when the growth the statistics have been showing actually starts to feel like a recovery among consumers.

  • Cleaner streets and safer cycling

    I set up Pompey Litter Pickers to promote awareness that we are all responsible for our environment. We hope that more people will think about the consequences of littering, which is a big negative for our image and does affect our quality of life. Portsmouth is a densely-populated city and we have to build on the “community feeling” that exists here.