Facts about the EU Referendum

As the referendum is drawing near, I do hope you have not got “referendum fatigue” with all the debate and argument about what happens after June 23rd. I am firmly in the Remain camp, and a strong supporter of “Project Fact”.
It is a fact that we retain our sovereignty in the EU. “Sovereignty” means British voters make fundamental decisions about our future, not any other organisation. The EU cannot stop us deciding our own future – and it is not doing so now.
It is a fact that the world’s leading economic organisations, military figures, and heads of government all think we are a stronger country and a more valuable ally for being in the EU. That is a view shared by the Falkland Islanders I visited earlier this year.
It is a fact that the Prime Minister has secured changes to the makeup of the EU which safeguard our independence. It is a fact that we have a veto on Turkish membership of the EU, as do all 27 other members. Our security and our future is already in our own hands.
It is a fact that jobs in Portsmouth are dependent on secure trade with Europe. That is why companies like Airbus have written to their staff in our city to point out the importance of being in the EU.
It is a fact that we have a stronger society because we have economic stability. We want Europe to be more stable, like us – half our exports go there. Instability in Europe or at home is bad for our business.
It is a fact that EU nationals in the UK pay more tax than they take in benefits.
It is a fact that the EU is the world’s biggest single market and we only guarantee free access to it as members of the EU. It is a fact that Norway pays the EU to trade with it even though it has no say on EU laws and regulations Norway has to obey.
It is a fact that we on the Remain side love our country and back it just as much as those who want to leave the EU. After the referendum we all have to get on with the job of growing our economy and strengthening our society. I hope we will be doing that from within the EU and not in the uncertainty of being outside it.