Flick is appointed the Chair of the SE Region Veterans Advisory and Pension Committee

Flick has been appointed by the Armed Forces Minister to become the Chair of the South East Region of the Veterans Advisory and Pension Committee (VAPC). VAPCs are Advisory Non-Departmental Public Bodies and have committees of voluntary members are appointed on a 3 year term by the Secretary of State. The committee has 5 functional roles, Advocates for Veterans in support of the Armed Forces Covenant; Raising awareness of the war pension scheme, the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme and the Veterans Welfare Service; Engaging with regional partners to promote services for Veterans; enable and foster consultation on issues affecting veteran and supporting Veterans UK by monitoring its welfare service.

'I am really excited to be working with a team of experienced members and making sure that our veterans are well looked after. As a daughter and granddaughter of soldiers as well as a spell in the Reserves, this is close to my heart and I know some of the issues that are affecting our brave Armed Forces. This role will keep me closely in touch with veterans and we will make sure that they are well served in the South East.'


There is a network of 13 VAPCs nationwide providing informed independent advice and best practice to local government, health authorities and other service providers in the community as well as to industry and commerce - our stakeholders. 

You can contact the SE VAPC by email: seregionvapc@gmail.com or via the Veterans Helpline: 0808 1914 218.  

If you are a veteran and would like some help, it is worth looking at the Veterans Gateway: http://Veteransgateway.org.uk