Flick Drummond Supports Charity Helping Service Families


Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond has thrown her support behind a charity that helps bring service families closer together while they are on deployment.


Reading Force provides free scrap books and reading books to families who have a member in the armed forces.

Everybody in that family can contribute towards reading the book or filling in the scrapbook and the initiative has been found to promote literacy and confidence in both service personnel and their loved ones.

Flick heard about the charity when she met it founder and director Dr Alison Baverstock at an event in Westminster earlier this week.

'This is a super initiative that is tackling issues of loneliness, literacy and family cohesion in one very simple but very effective way,” said Flick.

'Feedback from those who used it has been very positive and it’s a great aid to helping service personnel keep that so important connection with loved ones when sometimes they are often thousands of miles away from home for many months on end either on a Royal Navy ship or posted to places like the Falklands.'