Flick Drummond Urges Rail Passengers to Have Their Say on New Train Franchise

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond is urging rail passengers to take part in a consultation about a new train franchise covering Hampshire.

South West Trains currently operates services across the region and into London but the consultation, which ends on 9th February, is looking at how they can be improved ahead of the next operator being picked early next year.

Flick said that momentum is also now gathering to implement an improved train service between Portsmouth and Southampton with politicians, local authorities and Solent Local Enterprise Partnership all supporting work to cut the journey time down from an appalling 65 minutes for a 20-mile journey.

“It’s vitally important that the Government knows and understands from Hampshire’s rail passengers themselves what is needed to get better train services from the next franchise,” said Flick.

“The ultimate goal is better services between Portsmouth and Southampton and faster trains between Portsmouth and London.

"A great deal of work has been done by myself and others to get these ambitions out of a wish list and into practical negotiations and discussions.

“So input from passengers is vital. The government needs to know first hand how better rolling stock, faster times, better punctuality and improves ticketing would impact on the journey experience.

“I will be submitting my thoughts very soon and I hope that many other people will do the same so that the next franchise, in unison with infrastructure improvements on the lines, will be able to meet future needs and make travel better and quicker.”