Flick Drummond wants to hear from city's small businesses

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond is canvassing local businesses to learn more about the challenges they face and what she and the Government can do to help.

Companies and retailers along Albert Road were visited by Flick on Friday and given a questionnaire and an invitation to join her Small Business Forum.

‘Small and medium businesses in Portsmouth not only provide employment, they are part of the city’s identity, so I want to get a greater understanding of the issues they face to help them thrive,” said Flick.

‘I hope that many will fill out the questionnaire and consider joining the Business Forum, which will meet every two months and focus on specific issues that are raised by its members.

“While business confidence is still quite high in our area compared to the rest of the UK, there are a number of challenges small businesses may face. Pensions auto enrolment, the introduction of the National Living Wage and the general uncertain outlook all create a level of uncertainty for small business owners in Portsmouth.’