Flick persuades Chancellor to meet about infrastructure investment

Flick Drummond has persuaded the Chancellor to meet with businesses, the LEP and local councils to discuss urgent infrastructure investment in South Hampshire.
Flick asked George Osborne to hold the high-level discussions after she urged him to do more to fund better roads and rail as a ‘matter of urgency’ during today’s Treasury Questions.

The Chancellor replied that Flick was ‘absolutely right to raise the issue about infrastructure in Hampshire and Portsmouth’.
'There is money going into road infrastructure, like the M27, but there is clearly room to do more,’ he told the Commons.

'As someone who has some experience of the rail services from Portsmouth, I know they are not as good as they could be so I am very happy to meet with her, her colleagues and local businesses to see what more we can do.’

Earlier Flick asked Mr Osborne: ‘There has been no major investment in rail infrastructure in Hampshire for nearly 60 years, and this is holding back our productivity. Will my Right Honourable Friend meet with me, local councils and the LEP to sort out this issue as a matter of urgency?’

Speaking afterwards, Flick added: ‘This is a very positive response from the Chancellor showing quite clearly that the message I am constantly making in the corridors of power is getting heard at a high level and that more must be done to improve rail and road services, not only in Portsmouth, but also across Hampshire and beyond. This lack of any major investment for decades is harming our economy, so I will make sure I continue to bang the drum for as long as it takes so the people of Portsmouth can get the investment in transport they deserve.’