Flick's Vlog, 23rd April 2020

Over the last few days, people are beginning to ask when is the lockdown going to finish and when are we going to get back to normality and I can understand those feelings. You are right to ask but there has to be a balance the Government has to find in order to keep us all safe and well, and also to get the economy safely back on track.

Around the world, governments are looking doing the same. Some, who have relaxed the lockdown like Japan and Singapore, now have many new cases. Economists say that a second wave of this pandemic could cause even more instability in our economy, so we need to be absolutely sure that we can cope. I can assure you the Government has been preparing for the recovery period since this crisis started, I asked the Prime Minister in parliament in March and he made it clear we were looking ahead then.

I understand the frustration – we all want to get on with our lives - but we must remain patient. This week I have been ringing around Care homes in Meon Valley and they assure me they continue to be able to access PPE. I know that Hampshire county council and the Local Resilience forum are working hard to support everyone.

And finally, a massive thank you to all the wonderful frontline staff and volunteers around the constituency who continue to work hard to look after us. The clap every Thursday night is for all of you. Thank you