Hampshire Youth Offending Service is good overall

Flick is very pleased to see that Hampshire Youth Offending Service has received a good inspection rating overall in this first report based on a new framework. 'Big congratulations to the teams working with young people, as the report says ‘Youth Offending Teams have to find the right balance between treating these young people as children, and building a trusting and supportive relationship while challenging and tackling their learned offending behaviour.’ It is a difficult job and there is still work to do in Hampshire but I am sure the service will learn from this report and we will see improvements in all areas. 

If elected in May, I am hoping to work closely with organisations that work with young people as I strongly believe that if we catch young people early, we can stop them going into crime by giving them resilience and skills to divert them. Education is key to life chances but also the community and local organisations need to step up and help vulnerable young people.' 

You can read the report here: