Rail Franchise Statement

Flick has today helped hand in Hampshire's MPs’ response to the rail franchise consultation that ended today.

‘This response by all of Hampshire’s MPs really does spell out what is needed for the county’s rail services in the next decades.

‘It’s also clear that Portsmouth has had a very bad deal for many, many years with poor services and poor journey times, not only to its neighbours like Southampton and Winchester, but also to London and beyond.

‘In fact, as the response points out, there is not even a direct train from Portsmouth to Southampton Airport, and this is frankly not good enough.

‘The key question we have posed is this: without a good train services how can Portsmouth and the rest of Hampshire fulfil its economic potential?

‘I am committed, as are my colleagues, to ensuring that train services are improved and this document is putting meat to the bones of that vision.

'I have also submitted by own response to the franchise consultation centred on Portsmouth's rail issues, and this is in addition to the Hampshire-wide response.'