Waterlooville is definitely at the top of my agenda

Today someone rightly rang me to complain that I hadn't mentioned Waterlooville in the press article in the News. I can assure you that Waterlooville is definitely on my list of helpful contacts. Here is the information I have for Waterloovile residents so far:

  • Havant Borough Council are organising support for vulnerable Waterlooville residents. You can contact them by calling 023 9244 6019 or email customer.services@havant.gov.uk.
  • More information is on their website here.
  • There is a Covid-19 Lock-down Support Group on Facebook here, a community events group here and another community group here

This is the press release that went to the News and they added to it but forgot one of the most important communities which is Waterlooville. Many apologies for this but do let the News know of your displeasure, please!

Meon Valley MP Flick Drummond has published a list of local groups and organisations across the constituency who are helping residents during the Coronavirus emergency.

The Coronavirus - Help in Your Area list on Flick’s website shows organisations such as parish councils, residents’ groups, businesses undertaking deliveries, pubs organising takeaways, Facebook groups and neighbourhood groups in many towns and villages.

Flick and her staff have put the list together to enable local people and, importantly, the vulnerable, to more easily find information on what help and services are in their locality to help them through the crisis.

“While the Government is taking a number of very effective steps nationally, a huge amount of work is going on locally to help us all get through this emergency,” said Flick.

“We are all going to have to come together to tackle this virus, particularly when it comes to protecting the vulnerable and elderly residents in our communities, and I hope this list will help in a small way.

“I would also very much like thank those many people who are helping in their local area delivering groceries or offering other practical support. It’s a tremendous effort and it shows a real spirit of togetherness to see us through this challenge.”

Flick and her team will be updating the list regularly. If anyone would like to add anything to it, please get in touch with her office at flick.drummond.mp@parliament.uk or 020 7219 8018. 

The link to the list is: www.flickdrummond.com/neighbourhood-help-around-meon-valley