Pompey Litter Pickers

Are you fed up with rubbish in your streets? Many complaints are coming in about the cleanliness of our streets so we have decided to set up Pompey Litter Pickers and will be coming to your street soon.

Portsmouth people better off after budget

This is a good budget for Portsmouth people. The personal allowance moving to £10,000 means that 8286 Portsmouth people will be taken out of tax completely in 2014, and 86,732 Portsmouth people will benefit from the tax cut – the majority of our working population. Hard working people will be £700 better off each year. This is important as bills for energy and food have gone up and this should go some way to helping us.

Flick's survey

Thank you for all the people who have responded to my survey so far. I am hoping to write to everyone that has written to me but it will be a slow process as we have received over 2000 responses. We are also analysing all the data at the moment and I will put it on the website very soon.

Healthwatch comes to Portsmouth

The biggest issue for nearly everyone is the National Health Service which I can understand as health affects everyone. I am really pleased that Healthwatch, the public’s watchdog on the NHS, is now active in Portsmouth and I am on the interim board.

Margaret Thatcher Road

With the funeral for the late Margaret Thatcher taking place on Wednesday, Conservatives in Portsmouth are calling for the city to permanently honour the memory of the late Prime Minister by naming a road after her.