Female MPs, abuse, and respect - a piece for Stylist Magazine

With my colleague and co-chair of the All-party Women and Work Group in Parliament, Jess Phillips, I have written a piece for Stylist magazine which looks at some of the challenges, and indeed attacks, which women MPs have to face.

Centenary of the Battle of the Somme

This week, Parliament paid remembered those who took part in the Battle of the Somme in 1916. Today there are services of remembrance all over the country for those who fought there. I was fortunate to be called to speak during our commemoration in the Chamber, and this is my speech: 

Statement on the EU referendum result

I am very disappointed about the result of the referendum, but the people have voted to leave and I respect that. Anecdotally, from the straw poll that people did at the count, many wards in Southsea indicated that they would prefer to stay in. However, the vote has been counted as a single total across the two Portsmouth constituencies and it shows a clear decision for leaving the EU.

Portsmouth Students visit House of Commons

Five students from Portsmouth schools visited the House of Commons this week and were hosted on a tour of the building by Flick Drummond, Member of Parliament for Portsmouth South.

Speech in Parliament - The Benefits of EU Membership

Yesterday in Parliament I spoke in a debate on the benefits of EU membership. I emphasised the importance of our EU membership for businesses and the university in Portsmouth. We trade with Europe, we have major employers with European connections which depend on free movement of people, goods and services.The only way to guarantee access on the kind of terms we enjoy now is by remaining in the single market, and the only way to guarantee that is by remaining in the EU.