Facts about the EU Referendum

As the referendum is drawing near, I do hope you have not got “referendum fatigue” with all the debate and argument about what happens after June 23rd. I am firmly in the Remain camp, and have some facts on the EU and our relations with it which are in danger of getting lost in the row.

European Union Mythbusters

I thought it important to put some news from "Project Fact" on my website, as there are a lot of myths going around. This should bust some of them.

Commemorating the Battle of Jutland

Last Wednesday in the House of Commons, I had the honour to lead a tribute to those who fought and died at the Battle of Jutland on May 31st and June 1st 1916. This is the text of my speech.

Flick joins new APPG for Women in Transport

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond has joined the new All-Party Parliamentary Group for Women in Transport to try and advance women in the transport industry.