Our local priorities

These are some of the local priorities in the Meon Valley that local residents have been telling me about and I will be campaigning for:

Appropriate development 

We do need to build more houses in our area but it must come with all the infrastructure in place before being built and I am very conscious that we need to get it right. I will work closely with local councillors to make sure that your voice is heard when it comes to planning. I am very keen that we have well-built houses that reflect the architecture of our towns and villages using brownfield sites before building on our green spaces. I will be working with councillors and other local MPs to stop the proposed Eastleigh development which is going to mean a massive impact on our local roads especially through Owlesbury. I am also concerned about the development around Waterlooville and will be working with parish councillors and others to protect the Denmead gap and make sure that the new developments have the infrastructure and transport links to make them sustainable. 

Supporting our farmers and environment

85% of land in Meon Valley is rural. We must support farmers after Brexit and preserve our natural environment. I will be campaigning to increase recycling and reduce waste. We must reach our target of zero carbon emissions by 2050 if not before. I will listening to the independent Climate Change committee to make sure that we are on the right track but will work closely with local environmental campaigners to make sure that we improve our own environment. We have to work on getting more public transport to get people out of their cars and put more cycling routes that are safe to use for everyone including children. 

Fighting to retain our high street shops

With the increase in internet shopping, our local high streets are becoming blighted with empty shops. I will work closely with councillors and landlords to make sure our shopping centres are great places to visit including Waterlooville and our smaller towns and villages. Local shops are a lifeline to many communities. 

Speeding by noisy motorbikes must stop

Residents living along the A32 and A272 are fed up of cars and noisy motorbikes speeding along our roads. We need to change legislation to make it easier to enforce restrictions on noisy vehicles. I will be working closely with Government to push this through. Roads like the Morestead Road are becoming increasingly busy and I will work with local residents to reduce speeding and increase safety on these roads. I also welcome the extra 156 police officers on top of the 200 that are already being recruited in Hampshire in 2020 and look forward to seeing some of them in the Meon Valley. I will be working on issues that are affecting vulnerable young people like county lines and work with some of our amazing community centres to provide activities for children and young people. I recently visited the Acorn Centre in Cowplain and greatly admire all that they are doing there. I hope to work closely with all community groups to support them in which ever way is most helpful. 

Improving Mobile coverage and broadband

Some areas around the constituency don’t have good mobile phone coverage which is incredibly frustrating for residents but also for businesses.  I will work with mobile phone providers to change this as there is no point in having 5G if we can't even get a signal in the first place. I will be campaigning to make sure that every area in Meon Valley has access to fast broadband using the latest technology. There are so many small businesses in rural areas that have slow access to broadband as well as larger businesses in urban areas. This is not acceptable and I will be pushing for fast broadband to be brought in as a priority.