House of Commons Office
House of Commons, London, SW1A 0AA
0207 219 8018

Please feel free to contact me about any issue of concern you have as a constituent. There is a strict Parliamentary protocol which states that I can only correspond with, or take up cases brought to me by constituents in Meon Valley. I can also only become involved in any matter with the clear consent of the person involved - I cannot directly intervene in matters brought to me by third parties without that consent.

As an MP, while I can advise on issues overseen by local councils, I do not have a role in the management of Hampshire County Council, East Hampshire District Council, Winchester City Council or Havant Borough Council, which are all overseen by their elected Councillors. I have no power to intervene in planning applications or the local planning process, which are devolved to local authorities by Parliament. Please also see my "Advice for Constituents" page linked above for more advice on these authorities and their accountability.