8th July: The Chancellors Announcements

Great to be in the House of Commons chamber this afternoon to listen to the Chancellor deliver his plan for jobs. This will be worth as much as £30 billion, which is on top of the £160 billion plan already in place to protect businesses and jobs during the pandemic.

1st July: Hong Kong and United Kingdom's immigration policy

I am pleased the Prime Minister has offered a pathway to British citizenship for Hong Kong residents who hold British National (Overseas) (BNO) passports and their dependents following China’s crackdown in the former colony.

30th June: The Lammy Review

The Lammy Review talks about building trust between the police and young people. I asked Alex Chalk Assistant Whip, The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Justice What consideration has my hon.

Flick Drummond Vlog 17th June 2020

It has been a busy week as always in Westminster. You will have heard that we have decided to go ahead with giving food vouchers to those on Free School Meals during the summer.

15th June 2020: Using democratic channels to enact change

I asked the Home Secretary whether she shares my view that our country should not turn to criminal damage and mob rule to enact change, or erase our past, but do so through well-tested and effective democratic channels. I was pleased to hear she agreed