BT GROUP - Key Worker redundancies

Broadband is one of the biggest challenges we face across the constituency, and I know first hand the hard work BT does, especially across Meon Valley to help reach out-of-reach broadband areas. I have appreciated their cooperation over the past year in trying to make Meon Valley more connected during these difficult times where we had to change our way of life to staying at home.

I understand that, following disagreements about potential job cuts and site closures, the Communication Workers Union (CWU) will hold a ballot on possible industrial action. 

I appreciate concerns about the impact industrial action may have, particularly when so many employees are working from home compared to pre-pandemic levels. 

I share the Government’s position that disputes are best handled through negotiation between the parties. Strikes and other forms of industrial action should be regarded as a last resort after attempts to resolve differences through dialogue have been exhausted.  

I understand that the CWU, which represents 45,000 BT Group staff, has insisted that the “door is still open” and that a BT spokesperson confirmed that the company remains “committed to discussing the concerns they have raised”. I hope that the talks continue and a solution can be found without any industrial action. I will monitor any developments closely.