New Street Support Website and App in Portsmouth

Last year, Flick set up a campaign to help co-ordinate all the organisations helping the homeless. Flick was on the Homelessness Reduction Bill when she was an MP and knows that there is still much to do especially as the number of rough sleepers are increasing.

A Brexit which works for everyone

Long before the referendum campaign got under way, I voted for the Referendum Act to give the people the final decision. I campaigned for Remain during the campaign, but in Portsmouth South 52% of people voted to leave. Accordingly I voted for Article 50, to give effect to their decision.

Older People

A survey on older people that I conducted before the general election showed a huge problem with loneliness. The older person’s fair that I held in February 2017 was attended by 100s of people including several who told me about their loneliness.


I have been part of the Homelessness Reduction Bill in Parliament and this should help people stay in their home. I also know that there is a problem of rough sleeping in Portsmouth.

Pompey Litter Pickers

 Following lots of complaints, we have decided to set up Pompey Litter Pickers to clean up our streets. Many other cities and towns have these community groups and we hope to have a Pompey Litter Picker on every street. We try to go out weekly for an hour which is enough to fill a black bag full of rubbish. The team hopes that by raising awareness of our work, people will stop dropping it!

Safe and happy communities

I have set up an English Conversation Group for ladies that wish to practise their English speaking. We are meeting at the Kings Centre in Elm Grove every Monday at 11.30-12.30pm during term time, children are welcome as there are toys. If you are interested in attending or helping please give me a ring or contact me by email.