Flick Drummond urges Prime Minister to adopt low carbon budget

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond has called on the Prime Minister to adopt the UK’s Fifth carbon budget to ensure the nation benefits from the growth in global low carbon investment.


Flick was one of 20 MPs to sign a letter to David Cameron asking him to deliver the budget as early as possible to attract investment in low and zero carbon infrastructure and improve UK manufacturing and employment opportunities.


In the letter, the MPs said: ‘We are writing to offer our support for the adoption of the Fifth Carbon Budget as recommended by the Climate Change Committee and to encourage you in your efforts to get early and full agreement on the advice across government.


‘Early and full acceptance of that advice will give investors and government the confidence to act and so maintain this government’s proud record of lower emissions combined with sustained economic growth.’


Flick said the budget was an important marker showing the world the UK is serious about a low carbon economy.


‘Green technology is the way forward for the world and the UK has been in the vanguard for many years, but a clear indication from the PM that the UK is committed, through a low carbon budget, to lowering emissions will give the sector a great deal of confidence,’ she said.


‘The Paris climate change agreement is really the springboard for global opportunities to develop the technologies and industries to tackle climate change and we must make sure we harness this.’