Flick Drummond urges schools to come and visit Parliament

Portsmouth South MP Flick Drummond wants all schools in her constituency to visit her in Parliament so pupils can get an understanding of how government and democracy works.

Flick regularly hosts visits, but she feels that every pupil should have the opportunity of seeing Parliament and meeting their MP during their school career.

‘I have had many pupils come and visit me in Westminster over the last year to learn about our democracy and how people have fought and died for it over the centuries,’ said Flick.

‘To be able to enter the House of Commons and see where the Prime Minister sits and learn about what government does first-hand is a very important part of any child’s education, so I will be writing to all head teachers in Portsmouth South giving them an open invitation.

‘Meanwhile, I do ask any pupil or parent reading this to take the initiative and raise the idea with their school.’