Flick Drummond Vlog 17th June 2020

It has been a busy week as always in Westminster. You will have heard that we have decided to go ahead with giving food vouchers to those on Free School Meals during the summer. The government had already put £63 million aside to help vulnerable families but the campaign by Marcus Rashford and many backbenchers which had started before Marcus wrote his letter, meant that the Government agreed to help FSM children through the voucher system. Hampshire are also running activity camps for vulnerable children too.

This week shops were opened and I am looking forward to visiting local shops this weekend. We need to support all our local traders so please get out and spend.
Facemasks have been brought in for public transport, so I hope you have your facemasks organised. I have two splendid union jacks made by a friend.

Lastly, for the last few months I have been the Parliamentary Private Secretary to the Secretary of State for the Department of International Development. This department is now merging with the Foreign Office. Most other countries have this system and I know that it will make our foreign and aid policies more effective. 

I hope that you are all enjoying meeting up with friends and family, but do remember to be careful.