Vote for Flick on Thursday 12 December

As Election Day looms tomorrow, Flick has a message:

'A big thank you to everyone who opened their doors on the cold winter days over the last 4 weeks to myself and those helping me. We have been out every day come wind and rain, sun and cold but after a couple of dark evening canvasses, decided that people were not keen to open their doors after 5pm, hence we told people that we would not knock then. We have managed to find a lot of people in which has been fantastic but I have not managed to meet everyone over the last 4 weeks since I was selected. I hope that, if I am elected, that will change as I intend to carry on as I have always done, campaigning throughout the year holding street stalls and making a nuisance of myself on doorsteps listening to you.' 

My pledges to you if elected:

  1. I will work incredibly hard to represent you in Parliament and listen to your concerns
  2. I will be approachable and have an open door policy in Westminster so you can visit me at any time
  3. I will hold regular surgeries around the constituency so no one feels left out. I am taking on Sir George Hollingbery’s team so with our experience we can hit the ground running
  4. I will not be taking any personal expenses in travel to Westminster or accommodation
  5. I will listen to you and I will vote to get Brexit done. 53% of you voted to leave the EU and I will make sure that your vote is respected. 
  6. Lastly, my home has been in this area for the last 33 years, I know it well and it would give me great pleasure to represent you (which includes my mother and many long standing friends) in Parliament. Please make sure that you use my office to help you and invite me to any events that you would me to attend. 

I hope that you will vote for me tomorrow for a hard working local MP.