You will get your exam qualifications

Here is the information for people who were going to do public exams. I know that this must be very frustrating for all of you that have worked so hard for these exams but there will be an opportunity to take them later in the year if you want to.

Key worker list

Here is the list of key workers that can send their children to school during this coronavirus crisis

How to access financial support

Here is a link to anyone worried about their business or who are in financial hardship and worried about what to do. 

All schools to close this Friday

Coronavirus latest

All schools to close this Friday until further notice

Only children of key workers such as NHS staff, police officers, delivery drivers and vulnerable children will still go to school to help public services to run.

Government and NHS Guidance

Government and NHS guidance for what you need to do in different situations with Coronavirus

Guidance for staying at home

What you need to know

Chancellor announces more support

The Chancellor has announced some more support for businesses. As he said in the press conference, we will do whatever it takes to keep people safe and protect businesses. 

Update on Coronavirus

Latest update to Government guidance from Hampshire County Council 

At the Prime Minister’s press conference this evening, the following new social- distancing measures have been introduced: